Collection of tools used by developers working with SAML, WS-Federation and OAuth (OpenID Connect).
Previously when working with federation (like Microsoft AD FS, Microsoft Azure, Safewhere Identify, AWS Identity federation, Google Cloud, InCommon Shibboleth, KeyCloak, Okta, Auth0, onelogin, Duende IdentityServer etc.),
you often ended up using different small tools, but now the most essentials has been collected in one place.

Message / Token Decode
SAML / WS-Federation
  • GET and POST messages are supported - Automatically detected and decoded
  • Raw and 'in context' messages are supported. When pasting in 'in context' message, the federation part is automatically detected and decoded

OAuth (OpenID Connect)
  • Raw and 'in context' tokens are supported. When pasting in 'in context' token (URL), the token is automatically detected and decoded into its three parts: header (decoded), payload (decoded) and signature
Metadata / Discovery Document
SAML / WS-Federation
  • Extract signing and encryption certificate from metadata
  • Input metadata content or download directly from url
  • View details of the certificate(s) immediately
  • Download certificate(s) directly as PEM-file for later use

OAuth (OpenID Connect)
  • Input dicovery document content or download directly from url
  • Prettify content for easy readability

Encode / Hash / Validate
  • Encode/decode Base64 and URL formats
  • Convert text with special characters to HTML entities
  • Hash string using either MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 or RIPEMD-160
  • Validate and Prettify XML and JSON string
GUID Generator
  • Generate up to 20 unique GUIDs with one click
  • Choose style: dashed/not dashed and uppercase/lowercase
GUID Base64 Encode
  • Encode GUID to Base64 string
Image Base64 Encode
  • Encode image to Base64 string
  • Supports following formats: BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG, SVG and TIFF
  • Show samples of how to use in HTML and CSS
  • Copy generated HTML/CSS code directly to clipboard
  • Decode Base64 string to image
  • Download decoded Base64 image